BES is a company comprising of a team of professional engineers and technicians with extensive years of experience in systems integration business, including designs, supplies, builds, delivers, install and maintains broadcast facilities at the highest level. We provide one stop solution for broadcaster with the flexibility, reassurance, reliability that all their projects are well taken care of in meeting their time line with highest level of quality, all under one roof.

We design workflows and solutions for Transmission Playout , Live Production STUDIO, SAN Storage, Media Asset Managements and Archival Systems.

We supply a wide range of product and solutions for Live Production/Transmission/Post Production as well as File Based workflows.

We build solid infrastructure and backbone of all our design and system integrations.

We deliver reliable, robust , high quality performance systems and solutions.

We install and implement all our projects on time and exceed customer expectations.

We maintain our mission and vision to provide our esteem customers the best solutions and workflow with an excellent fast return of investment.


Every company has its own unique business operation workflow. It is always a dilemma for the company to choose between off-the-shelf product vs developing the custom software to suit their operation needs. Since every business has different requirements, it is very difficult for one product to accommodate multiple needs simultaneously. We believe in integration the customized Software Development with the off−the−shelf software applications to transform the daily operations into a specific goal oriented applications. This resolution provides remarkable ability to run software exactly the way that the business requirement wanted. We provide the Customized Software Development Services which can be.

1. Tailor made which fits the requirement

2. Minimal cost

3. Maintenance with reliable local support

4. Integration with the customer existing system


We provide good system / equipment maintenance which are the key to ensure system optimization in terms of functionalities, reliabilities and resiliency. We offer wide range of preventive and corrective maintenance support:

  • Comprehensive Preventive and corrective maintenance support to suit every clients’ unique needs.
  • 24/7 on-call / on-site emergency engineering support.
  • Hassle free “One-Stop” maintenance support to achieve maximum efficiency, hence reduce system downtime.
  • Periodic system maintenance to ensure smooth operation & system functionality.
  • Provides loaner / alternative work-around solution for faulty equipment to ensure business continuation.
  • System evaluation / analysis and recommendation of system upgrade / forecasting of necessary spare parts.